Roger Federer Talks about Australian Open Balls

Roger Federer Talk about Australian Open Balls
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It seems like Wilson is not the supplier anymore for the balls in Australian Open, it has been changed with Dunlop,

Some players did not like the balls at all as some comments from Bernard Tomic

terrible and pretty cheap.’ Meanwhile, John Milman thinks that “The balls are really shit 

Roger Federer himself had been asked today in the press conference

about the balls and here is what He said

“They definitely play a touch different to the ones we’ve had the last couple years.” 

“I do see what they’re saying. At night the spin is not taking off tremendously. I definitely have

to go through a minor adjustment from Perth, which was a faster court.”

“It’s still early in the tournament to exactly tell you how it feels exactly. I still feel like you

can serve your way out of trouble from the baseline. You can spin and slice, all that stuff we saw today.” 

“It’s hard to out-spin guys here. As they changed the finals also to a night session,

and the semis are also night sessions, I just feel like it’s really important to have fast enough

courts for night session conditions as the main matches are being played there. If you keep it slow, slow, at night the ball doesn’t move.”

It seems like Federer does not want to give an opinion about the ball in the first week

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