Roger Federer reveals the toughness of playing in Basel

The Swiss Roger Federer revealed how hard it is to play in his home tournament

Roger Federer is playing Basel 2019 and seeking for another great victory.

besides that, Federer mentioned his country-mate Wawrinka and the comeback He made to Basel,

and for some reason, He had troubles in the tournament but He is happy to see him back.

“I think the fans would love it here in Basel because I think Stan has struggled a bit at this tournament for some reason.

“But it is great to see him back here healthy.” Roger Federer said.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer reveals the toughness of playing in Basel

Talking about himself, Roger Federer mentioned He always had tough times on the court,

especially in the beginning when He got his first semi-finals or finals.

and that is because of feeling the pressure of playing in front of his friends and family.

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“Honestly, I’m quite confident and comfortable on the court. Maybe in the beginning”

“When I got to my first semis or finals and was trying to get over the first hurdle,” Federer said

“Yes, I was feeling some pressure and it was always the hardest to play in front of my friends and family here in Basel but not the last 17 years.

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The 38 years old expressed He’s enjoying playing in Basel and He could take advantage of playing in front of his family and friends.

about the possibility of playing Stan Wawrinka, Federer is excited about playing him,

because they always play tough matches and He is confident against him.

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“I would relish a chance like this. I’ve always had tough matches against him even though on the hard courts I’ve been good against him.

“But I think for the fans this match hopefully happens. I really don’t think about it very much,” Roger said.

Stan Wawrinka will face Tiafoe today and the winner will face Roger Federer tomorrow.

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