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Roger Federer reveals He’ll stop playing only in one case

Roger Federer reveals He'll stop playing only in one case
Roger Federer reveals He'll stop playing only in one case
Roger Federer reveals He’ll stop playing Tennis only if He faces one case in his career.

The Question of Roger Federer retirement showed up once Roger Federer reached

the 30 years old, exactly after the win of Wimbledon 2012 title.

The fact that this question had been asked a lot 2013 after the worst season of Federer

all eyes were on him, and the injury in 2016 which was a big signe for most people

that Federer could stop playing at any time when He comeback playing on the tour.

Roger Federer jokes in the interview with a reporter

The more people ask Federer when He retires the more He gives all He has in his pocket

to achieve more records, in 2017 He cameback from the knee injury and He won 3 slams

and defeated Rafael Nadal 4 times in one season which was not easy for him

during the past years, Federer is just telling the world I can be sick but never dies.

Every year, Roger Federer changes his practice routine to prevent the injury

and that also helped him keep in good fitness to compete in most of tournaments,

and again and as always Roger Federer had a question about the retirement in the press conference

where He had to mention new pieces of information about his retirement claim.

In 2017, Federer said that He’s still playing only because of the love of his fans.

and After winning Miami title this year against Isner, Roger revealed He’s playing

just to win big titles like it, that is pushing him to do more work to keep playing.

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Roger Federer reveals He’ll stop playing only in one case, the case of feeling bored

of routine practice He has, He believes it’s not the most fun to warm up like He used to,

Federer kept asking himself about if He has to do the warm up routine every time,

Although it’s not fun for Roger like before, but He’s doing it because it helps him

and the time He get bored of it He’ll stop playing tennis completely or making a change

of stop doing it first before definitely stop playing Tennis.

“I just think I’ve to warm-up more than I used to, which is not the most fun bit, to be honest,”

“Now we go through this entire routine. I’m like, Really, do I really have to do it?

“I guess it helps a lot, so I’m doing it. When I get bored with it, I’ll stop playing tennis completely

or I’ll stop that routine first before I stop playing (smiling).” Federer said

Roger Federer could not deny that getting older has some benefits and helped him

in my matches to deal with his opponents during the different conditions He faces.

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The Swiss mentioned that when you get older you get some wise decisions and have

a better experience, such as getting good fitness, making effective shots and changing

the shots selection to make noise for the opponent, In generally have a better strategy.

“When you get older, it doesn’t really have a huge impact on you. It’s as hard this side of the court

like on the other, switching sides, Fitness-wise, I think that’s where maybe age helps you a little bit.

Roger Federer reveals He’ll stop playing only in one case Embed from Getty Images

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After all, Roger Federer did not give a specific time for his retirement and you can expect

anything from Federer He could even play more 1 or 2 years, it depends on him.

“I would say it’s more the quality than the quantity because I have to rest the body when I can,” Roger added.

Roger Federer will face Kei Nishikori today on the center court at the 03:00 pm Local time, aiming for a place in the s-Finals.