Roger Federer reveals about 2021 season plans

The Swiss Roger Federer expresses about his plans for the 2021 Season

After the knee surgery Federer had, He took about 5 months to take full recovery, but after that He had to make

another operation in his knee because it didn’t fully recovered. for that He set a 2021 as the date of his return.

The Swiss legend told The media about his 2021 plans after the comeback to the tour,

“My goal is to play Tokyo 2021. It’s a wonderful city. I met my wife in my first Olympics in 2000.”
“It’s a special event for me,”

“I had two surgeries and I can’t hit at the moment, but I’m very confident I will be totally ready for 2021,” Roger said.

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Roger Federer revealed He played Tennis only once after the south Africa charity match

In the live event Roger Federer had during his New Shoe promotion He answered some fans questions

“I was unhappy with my knee long before South Africa so after the Match for Africa, I just felt like I had to do something now.”
“Then the second time I was forced to do it,”

“I’ve only played once since South Africa, I hope that I will still know to play when I return.”

“I’m now looking at a 20-week training block. It is a long way. But I’m ready for it.”

“I do miss playing in front of the fans, no doubt. Now, I think if tennis comes back we know it won’t be in a normal way where we can have full crowds yet.

“So naturally we wouldn’t be able to interact with the fans like we used to, taking pictures, selfies, signing autographs.

“Of course, I miss it but I think right now we’re going through a period where we’ve got to be patient and hopefully starting next year at some point we’ll see each other more often and things will hopefully be somewhere back to normal. We’ve got to be patient.”

Roger Federer reveals about 2021 season plans Embed from Getty Images

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Moreover, The Swiss mentioned that his parents helped him when He was a kid

when He [Roger] was a kid his father gave him only two years to become a professional Tennis player or will go back to school,

“My parents spent around 30,000 Swiss francs a year to pay for my tennis training (around 28,000 euros).”

“But they were skeptical about my ability to become a professional player.

“When I was 16, I asked them if I should leave school to get 100% involved in tennis.”

“My father gave me two years to succeed. If I failed or were unable to become a professional player,”

“I had to go back to school. I told him to trust me and luckily I became World No. 1 in Junior,” Roger Federer said.