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Roger Federer press conference after 1R Match

Roger Federer press conference after 1R Match
Roger Federer press conference after 1R Match
Roger Federer survived against Harris and won his first match in 4 sets to reach R2

The Swiss needed 4 sets to make his first-round win against The South African

In Roger Federer press conference after 1R Match He explained many important things about the match

Roger revealed He’s struggled at the beginning of the match, because of the strong hits of Lylod,

It happened that The young man made Federer nervous during the first set as He said

“I struggled early on, I felt a bit frozen, my legs weren’t going and it was a bit heavy out there,”

“Lloyd was hitting big and things were happening very quickly. He kept me nervous for a set and a half.”

” Then I got the match, but it took a big effort. Mentally I knew it was a long way to the finish line for my opponent.”

Federer admitted the role of his experience during the match and how it helped him

to handle the strong hits and quick game from Llyord ” This is where experience kicks in.

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Although the way Federer played He gave the credit to his opponent about what

He achieved on the court as a first appearance on Center court “credit to him for swinging big.”

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Roger Federer praised Gauff the young girl who defeated Venus Williams in the 1st round

It seems like the Swiss man already met the young girl and named her as a cool and cute girl,

and admitted He watched the entire match between her and Venus, and made

the example to play your idol which He already knows very well, that happened for Gauff.

“I know her a little bit, it’s not like we’re going on vacation, She’s very cool, very cute. She played great.”

Federer attached a very important impact of him with new players He preferes

to be quite and not motivate them or say anything because that could lead them

to panic and get worried “I don’t mind picking up some people along the way, telling them,

‘Don’t panic, don’t worry’. But maybe it leaves a profound impact on these players.

I’m happy it does. I really can’t take any credit for anything.” Federer said.

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