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Roger Federer playing The Piano to surprise his wife

Roger Federer playing The Piano to surprise his wife
Written by Tennis Shot

Roger Federer playing the Piano in advertissment for Uniqlo ” My Jeans, My Life”

It seems like that Roger Federer is not good only in Tennis but also in some other stuff

Roger played the piano in ad for Uniqlo, and It’s not the first time He plays it

as the Swiss man mentioned He used to play Piano when He was younger

“My parents asked me to play the piano when I was younger,Of course my head was stuck

in tennis. For me, piano was always a bit more complicated but being back today was a lot of fun.”

“I still feel like I have it to some extent,” he added. “I still need some practice and honestly

I can’t wait until I have more time again to start playing the piano, because I’d like to surprise

my wife one day and play a song for her.”

And that’s the video of The Great Roger Federer playing Piano, Sure it was something great to see.

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