Roger Federer mocks Nadal in the Laver Cup practice

Roger Federer mocks up his double mate Rafael Nadal in the laver cup practice

Tennis players can look so serious during their matches but outside the stress

you can see them as the funniest people on earth and this happened a lot

especially in the exhibition matches, in kids day in the grand slam, and also charity matches.

Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and the others are all did this before.

Roger Federer mocks Nadal in the Laver Cup practice Embed from Getty Images

in the Laver Cup Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal had a double practice session

with the Europe team preparing for the big event and it had big popularity.

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Rafael Nadal and because of his game style He plays the baseline and returns the serve

far away from the baseline and for that Federer joked with his rival and friend Rafael Nadal,

Embed from Getty Images

Federer told the media that they have massive place for Rafae so that He can get

the spot He loves, and He has enough space behind the baseline,

also, Roger Federer’s coach sent message to Federer and Nadal fans

“It’s just a massive place, And we’ve got enough space for Rafa behind the baseline so we’re good (laughing).”

The Laver Cup event will take place tomorrow Friday until this Sunday as it’s expected to be an epic weekend like it happened in the last 2 years

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