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Roger Federer: I’m surprised with top-seeded exit

Roger Federer: I'm surprised with top-seeded exit
Roger Federer: I'm surprised with top-seeded exit
Roger Federer reveals He’s surprised with top-seeded exit from the 1st rounds

Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, and Dominic Thiem all these players are out

from Wimbledon in the very early stage of the tournament, giving a shock to top-seeded

players in the tournament, It’s the grass and every player can make a shock to top players.

It’s all about a great serve and player who can make great volleys, then every player

can make high risk for any player from top 10.

After his win against Harris Federer reacted to this new GEN players who left

the tournament from this early stage that it was surprise for him to see these guys

out of the tournament, especially there played great half of season from Australia untill RG.

Roger Federer:I’m surprised with top-seeded exit Yeah, surprising, of course,”

“It’s not like they are unseeded, you know. I think any seed that loses, any top 10 seed that loses

in the first week, with 32 seeds, is on the more surprising side, I don’t care almost

who the opponent is. It’s almost always going to be a bit of a story.”

“For that many guys to lose early, yeah, you add Thiem to it, yeah, it’s just too many. “

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“Let’s be honest, maybe also especially Sascha and Dominic, it’s not their favourite surface.”

“So that they can struggle maybe is a little bit normal. Dominic did have a tough draw.”

So it can happen. But it’s definitely surprising.” Federer added

It’s actually not the favourite surface for the 3 players who lost in the 1st round.

The Swiss in his match admitted He felt a bit forzen and slow at the beginning of the match

which motivate the South African to make him nervous during the first set and half of the 2nd set