Roger Federer “I played like my beard, I shave it better”

Roger Federer reveals He played like his beard in last night match and He’ll shave it

To be a famous player like Roger Federer, people will notice everything you do,

Federer first time played a tournament and got social is the ATP London 2015,

and many people loved it and how it came with the Swiss man, the fact that whenever

He plays with a beard He plays really a great Tennis in the whole tournament.

Roger started the tournament with a beard in his face and in the press conference

He joked about it saying “I played like my beard, I shave it better”

“I thought I played like my beard today, a little bit rusty. I’m going to shave it off for the next match, it’s better.” (Federer jokes)

Roger Federer “I played like my beard, I shave it better”
Talking about the match, Roger Federer said He was trying to a technique of serves,

He wanted to hit longer serves and some times He got it and other time He failed.

Roger hit many serves to the net because of the new aiming He has in his mind,

He said it’s not a good thing if that happened and you have the wrong place.

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“Never a good thing when you’re having to aim in the wrong place, hoping it to go in the right place (smiling).”

“But that’s what you do. You do anything to get it right eventually.” Federer said

“Throughout the match, I wonder how many times I served in the net? Hardly ever.

Roger Federer “I played like my beard, I shave it better” Embed from Getty Images

Roger Federer mentioned He is getting used to the balls because He played with

different balls in Cincinnati, and different balls in Switzerland.

“At the end of the day, I think it’s still me getting used to the ball, as we played with different balls in Cincinnati.

“I practiced with different balls in Switzerland, as well. It’s only been a week. I hope every day that goes by I start feeling better.”

The Swiss man will face Dzhomur in the 2nd round this Wednesday to get a place in the 3rd Round.