Roger Federer gives an answer about retirement question

The question of retirement is still alive and Roger Federer gives an answer to it.

After every disappointment and also every success Roger Federer had, He faces

the famous question that was born in 2012. people did not feel lazy

or bored to stop asking it, Federer got used for this question and set to

give the answer to every journalist asked him the same old question.

Roger Federer gives an answer about retirement question Embed from Getty Images

From the other side, Federer fans and followers want him to stick in the tour

as long as possible and they are not able to let him as He means Tennis for them.

Roger Federer answered to the question of retirement in the Laver Cup again,

and He mentioned that the question of retirement doesn’t affect him anymore

but yes it affected him 10 years ago when He won the French Open they asked him

about retirement and He was only 28, but He’s 38 today and they’re still asking.

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“I think it was weirder ten years ago. I had just won Roland Garros and was already

asking about the withdrawal. And I said, ‘What? I’m only 28! I thought I would play

at least up to 32-33 years old… And it went like this for the following years.” Roger said

Roger Federer gives an answer about retirement question Embed from Getty Images

Roger Federer got annoyed a little bit of the journalists as they ask him in every tournament

about retirement and they want to take credit for them for who get the answer right.

also, Roger Federer mocks Nadal in the Laver Cup practice

“Actually it’s like that in every interview journalists have to ask me this question.

“Maybe because it could be that at that very moment I decide to announce it.”

“They hope for us. But I don’t even know it, really. and that’s how it might cause”

Roger Federer conclude that He will stop playing at the time He can’t play Tennis, and He’s still enjoying and able to play and fight for titles.

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