Roger Federer gets back the RF logo from Nike

The Swiss Roger Federer retrieves his RF logo from Nike after two years.

Roger Federer switched to Uniqlo in the 2018’s summer, but He could not get the RF logo,

He kept it only in his shoe as an agreement with Nike, Roger Federer tried to get back his logo two years ago,

but Finally, it happened as Roger Federer will be able to play with his logo again.

As José Morón of Break-Point reports that the Swiss tennis player reached

an agreement with Nike and again the RF logo is his property. Yes, although it seems weird, the prestigious brand had kept Roger’s brand.

Obviously, when Federer returns to the courts, he can wear it in his Uniqlo clothing.

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Roger Federer gets back the RF logo from Nike

Moreover, Ivan Ljubicic reveals that Roger Federer is his first and second priority,

”I am grateful for the opportunities that this gave me and none was greater than the privilege of working with Roger.”

“We have a good time with each other, and that’s valuable because we spend a lot of time together,”

“He is my first, second and third priority,”

“I am available for 52 weeks a year, and it will remain so as long as he wants to continue playing.”

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