Roger Federer – Full Press conference after Sandgren win

Roger Federer escapes and reaches the S-Finals to face Novak Djokovic.

The Swiss player made a great come-back after saving 7 match points in the 4th set,

Although the injury but Roger Federer could deal with American and survived the match.

In the press conference, Roger Federer mentioned many things about the match and future expectations.

“Honestly, to be frustrated at one point, I think it’s normal, I found it a bit tough.”

“It’s not like I’m known to throw around words and whatever. It’s not like the whole stadium heard it either.”

Roger Federer – Full Press conference after Sandgren win

“I feel a bit bad in a way because I didn’t feel like he did anything really wrong,” Federer said afterward.”

“It’s just luck at some point. I’ve been on the other side, as well. These ones just sting, and they hurt.”

“But I could have blinked at the wrong time and shanked. That would have been it.”

“I can get through a match like this, through a match like Millman, yeah, you do believe,”

“And yeah, I always believe till it’s actually over, never before.”

“I didn’t feel like I wasted too much emotional energy out there today because I came to terms quickly”

“that thing wasn’t exactly the way I wanted them to be,” Roger Federer said.

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Moreover, Roger Federer explained how he felt physically and He will try to recover.

“Instead of dwelling over them, I felt like I’ll just play with it, see what can be done, see if he can put me away or not.”

“When I got to the fifth set, I was like, ‘I don’t feel physically exhausted like against Millman.”

“‘ I recovered very well from that match. I’m also hopeful because I feel like I didn’t get spent completely today.

“It really depends sometimes how you’re feeling inside, how much it takes away from you. But I must say I feel pretty good right now,” Federer closed.

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