Roger Federer explains his mindset during matches

Roger Federer explains his mindset during matches
Roger Federer explains his mindset during matches
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Roger Federer explains his mindset during his matches and how He worked with it.

Roger Federer is a player who has a very strong mindset during matches

He lost so many tough matches where weak players could be broken for months

but He always recovers quickly and gets back to the normal Tennis life.

If that should mention something, it could be how Roger Federer professional is,

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Recently Federer explained how He deals with his mindset during his matches

Roger mentioned He’s like talking to himself by saying ‘let’s see how this match is going to turn’

and if the match is going okay He doesn’t get excited a lot He just says

‘I’m thankful, this match is turning out like the way I wanted it to be,”

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in a very important note from Federer, He mentioned it’s very important

to go to the match and take it one point at a time means to forget what happened

and not think about the coming, just focus on the current point you’re playing.

“You actually have to take it one point at a time. It sounds crazy, but its like little by little you get to the finish line.

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For the matches which are harder, Roger said you should just enjoy the crowd

and they could drive you which can help you a lot but sometimes it doesn’t happen

like what happened to him in the Wimbledon Final

“you want to stay focused, enjoy the crowd, the crowd maybe drive you on and sometimes like

in the finals, it doesn’t go in the way you want and that is where it ends,” 

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As a summary, Roger Federer gave one of the best advice to all kind of players

which to do your best and never regrets, because what happened will not comeback

At the end of the day, you just have to try your best and have no regrets. It felt like, when

I was young I had too many regrets, and that was terrible for me. I was too crazy back in those days,” Roger added

Roger Federer will take the 3rd seed in the US Open to make a potential clash with Djokovic or Nadal in the S-Finals