Nick Kyrgios aims to have different fans in Tennis

Nick Kyrgios reveals that He wants to have a different fans base in Tennis

The Australian who’s known as one of the most entertaining players on the tour

in the last 3 years, since He started playing some points when fans loved it most.

Although Nick Kyrgios had many troubles with umpires and some players

but He has a great fan base, even He’s loved by many fans of some big players.

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Nick Kyrgios aims to have different fans in Tennis as He mentioned in the previous interview

Kyrgios compared Tennis to the NBA and NFL in America where crowds can cheer

the whole match and that’s what He’s trying to bring to the world of Tennis,

“I think you look at American sports like NBA, NFL, I mean, so exciting. I think they do it

he right way, and I’m just trying to bring new fans to the sport. That’s one of my goals.” Kyrgios said

The mean goal for Nick is to bring more fans to Tennis, but that will be quite tough

because Tennis is a sport which depends on silence fans during the rallies where

you can’t find in the sports He mentioned, but that doesn’t mean an obstacle for Nick,

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in Washington the tournament He won, He brought a style as He took advice

from the crowd where to put his serve in the match point and that made a huge impact

on the Tennis Fans and how fun it was for them.

Nick Kyrgios aims to have different fans in Tennis Embed from Getty Images
The ATP Tour big goal is to bring more fans to Tennis which is going a very hard task

after the big 3 disappear from the tour, It’s going to be all about the new generation

and on of them is Nick Kyrgios who also commented that it’s important for him

to bring more Tennis fans but another kind of fans as He called them a different fan base.

“I think people are so concerned about keeping fans in the game, but I personally believe

it’s about bringing in a whole new different fan base to the game,” Nick added