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Emotional: Roger Federer cries as he remembers Peter Carter

Written by Tennis Shot
Roger Federer had an interview where He was asked about his former coach Peter Carter, And it was an emotional interview as The siwss man cried for missing Peter.

“Sorry, Oh, man, I still miss him so much. I hope he would be proud.”Geez, never broke down like this,”

Roger Federer also mentioned many things about him and his family

“I do get emotional watching movies sometimes but I did not know I had

this happy cry as we call it in our family, not just when you are winning,

but the kiddies,” the Basel native said.”Say (we had) a wonderful vacation,

and we leave the place and the kids don’t want to leave because they’ve had

such a wonderful time in Australia.”We call it a happy cry. I didn’t know

I had that in me When it first happened, I believe it was in the Davis Cup in Basel when I played an amazing weekend against the Americans

(in 2001) and of course when I won Wimbledon, the emotions were so, so strong.

“You get asked the question, so how do you feel? And you are like, ‘How I feel right now?

This is how I feel like’ and it’s just like a complete meltdown.”I never thought

I was going to hold a trophy, I never thought I was going to win Wimbledon,

” never thought I could stand here, standing ovation, trophy ceremony is completely surreal.”

For that Roger Federer will be practicing this week to prepare for the tournament.

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