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Roger Federer Clash McEnroe’s curious comment

Roger Federer Clash McEnroe

After Roger Federer today’s match, Tsitsipas had a court interview with John McEnroe which was not feeling good at all for Federer fans

John always talk comfortable and take his free way to say what He likes but today

it was something unusual as mentioned that Roger is going towards the retirement

after losing such match like that way, but the answer comes from the king

as He sent him a splash comment

“He’s in front of the mic a lot, He’s always going to say stuff. I’ve heard that story the last

10 years. From that standpoint, nothing new there.” Federer mentioned

Maybe Federer lost the match but remember at the age of 37 years old, Played a match of 4 hours

and lost the serve only once, besides a high game against a young man who is also

doing a big job

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