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Roger Federer Best points in Roland Garros 2019

in this article, you see the best points of Roger Federer in Roland Garros 2019

7th Point

Roger Federer plays a very good backhand passing shot against his match with

Leonardo Mayer showing a very great skill and reading opponent choice

6th point

The Swiss shows a very great defensive skills with a backhand lob behind his body

Otte had no chance with the shock of Federer’s running lob to lose the point. 

5th point

In one of his challenging matches Federer went in a deep rally against Ruud to

finish it with a stunning Forehand inside in to make people surprised with this choice.

4th Point

Another point in his match with Ruud, Federer play a ridiculous backhand smash

As He’s known with the perfect skill of the Backhand Smash

3rd Point

This match Roger played many great point and here’s another one, where Roger

was playing with Ruud to win the point on the net

2nd point

in the semi-final where the wind was disturbing the match, Federer could play some

great points and this is one of them, with deffence and smart changes.

1st point

This point could be considered as one of the best points in the tournament

Roger just gave all what He had to win the point, and a perfect stop volley

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