Roger Federer answers How to get to the world N 1

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Roger Federer The player who has 310 weeks at the world number 1 including

237 consecutive weeks  which is an impossible record for a player to achieve

easily this time.

A journalist asked Federer how much is it hard to get to world N 1, and the swiss man told him to ask Andy Murray about this question

“Let’s ask Andy Murray how hard it was to get to world number one, I think that answers the questions to how easy or hard it is to get to world number one,”

“It took him, I don’t know how many Grand Slam finals, and how many sweat

and tears and work. It was the same for all us as well at the top,

Grand Slams just do not walk into the locker room and there you have one.

“So you really have to earn it and nowadays it’s become more physical, more tougher

than ever probably and I just think that when guys say that about young guys,

you can say You are probably gonna be a top ten, I am sure he will be around,

he will have chances , we just never have a guarantee.”

This important question had been asked to right man who has an epic story

with The World Number 1

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