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Roberts “Isner’s serve is a nightmare but not for Federer”

Roberts "Isner's serve is nightmare but not for Federer"
Roberts "Isner's serve is nightmare but not for Federer"

Isner serve is a nightmare for every player except Roger Federer who deal with it

in interview Matt Robers the english television presenter on BBC mentioned that Isner’s serve

is a nightmare for most players but Roger was the goolie to save the penalties

” For most people that would be a nightmare, but Federer was like (I’ll be a goalie)”

“He said ‘it’s going to be like a penalty shootout, I love watching big servers. Federer loves everything,

he’s just high on life. When I read those quotes when he said ‘I love watching big servers

even more than I like watching long rallies.”

“’You just don’t know what’s going to happen it’s like a penalty shootout’, I just got too excited about it all.”

The American himself admitted Roger knew how to deal with his serve by just blockig the ball back

“There have been some players [to handle my serve well], He just does it a little bit differently.

He just kind of blocks it back. Roger was standing in close as well, just reacting very well

and very fast to my serve. I mean, he’s something else.” Isner said

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