Rafael Nadal wins ATP Rome 2019

Rafael Nadal wins Rome 2019 by defeating Novak Djokovic in 3 sets with 6-0 4-6 6-1

The 1st set was dominated by Rafael Nadal as He took it with a bagel over Novak

The Spaniard just dominated the whole set playing some big points with big purpose of winning

Novak had no way to deal with Rafa’s performance, it was just high of him and that

make the job straight for the Spain.

The Serbian tried to take early break in the 2nd set but Rafa defended beautifly with his forehand

The set was more competitive and the world N 1 took late break to finish the set

with 6-4

in the final Set Rafa took early break to take the lead with brilliant performance

and won his 9th title in ATP Rome in his career as the most winning record