Rafael Nadal Vs Nick Kyrgios – Match review

Rafael Nadal Vs Nick Kyrgios – Match review

Rafael Nadal Players Nick Kyrgios

Spain Country Australia

33 Age 24

185 cm Height 193 cm

85 kg Weight 85 kg

Left-handed Plays Right-Handed

2001 Turned Pro 2013

32/5 2019 matches Won/ Lost 11/9

2 2019 Titles 1

3 Head-to-head 3

  • The first meeting between Nadal and Kyrgios was in the 4th Round of Wimbledon 2014, and the winner of that match was Nick Kyrgios in 4 sets to win his first meeting with Nadal.
  • The 2nd meeting was set in Rome in 2016 and went to the king of clay in 3 sets.
  • Their 3rd meeting was in Madrid 2017 on Clay as well, and Rafa to win again in an easy score.
  • in the same year of 2017 they met in Cincinnati and this Time Nick won it in straight sets.
  • Rafa cameback to lead the H2H again in Bejin wins over Kyrgios with a tough win with 6-2 / 6-1
  • and the Final meeting was in Mexico this year where Nick won in epic match 3-6 7-6 7-6
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This last match included some unusual things when Kyrgios played underarm serves,

Rafa considered that as lack of respect for him of playing this serve in an official match.

read details This is what Rafael Nadal said after what Nick Kyrgios did

Nadal and during 1st round match interview was asked about this matter, but

He replied I wouldn’t care any more of what Nick wants to do, He can do whaterver He wants,

and also mentioned many other comments about this issue [ click on link below]

Also Rafael Nadal: I’m too old for playing comments game

Rafael Nadal Vs Nick Kyrgios Live today at 04:30 pm GMT on the center court.

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