Rafael Nadal reveals Why He plays Tennis

Rafael Nadal reveals the reason why He plays Tennis and why He’s still playing

The world number 2 Rafael Nadal just kissed his 19th Grand Slam title

in the US Open after an epic final against the Russian Daniil Medvedev.

Rafael Nadal now is the 2nd player in tennis history to reach the 19th majors

just right after Roger Federer with one title between them to decide the Grand Slam leader.

Rafael Nadal reveals Why He plays Tennis Embed from Getty Images

After that, Rafael Nadal explained the reason Why He’s still playing Tennis,

It’s an emotional reason as the Spaniard said, Rafa admitted He’s playing Tennis

because He loves the game more than anything else and that what keeps pushing him.

“I am playing tennis because I love to play tennis,” Rafa said

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Rafael Nadal is one of the most fighting players in the world and because of that spirit

He achieved the best He can do and could put his name in the field of the best players.

Rafael Nadal reveals Why He plays Tennis Embed from Getty Images

The Grand Slam records for Rafa Nadal is not the first priority for him, but happiness

and the taste of victory is the thing Rafa is looking to get when He plays.

“I can’t just think about Grand Slams. Tennis is more than Grand Slams. I need to think about the rest of the things.

also, Real Madrid wants to host Federer vs Nadal match at the Bernabeu

“I play to be happy. Of course, the victory of today makes me super happy.” Nadal added.

The Spaniard will play in the laver cup in Switzerland alongside with his big rival and friend Roger Federer in the team of Europe on the 20-22 September.

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