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Rafael Nadal “Roger Federer is the best ever”

Rafael Nadal "Roger Federer is the best ever"
Rafael Nadal "Roger Federer is the best ever"
Rafael Nadal admitted that Roger Federer motivated him and He’s the best ever

The Competition between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal is something classy

they’re fighters inside the courts and very close and loved friends outside it.

whenever there is a chance of each one of them get a question about his rival

He just praises and says the best words about his great rival and friend.

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At the end of 2016 season, Rafa Nadal invited Roger Federer in the opening

of his Academy in Mallorca of Tennis showing a master class gesture.

besides that, Roger Federer invited Rafael Nadal as well to play a charity match with him

in South Africa to break a record of most attendance in Tennis match in history.

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Moreover, Rafa Nadal invited Federer to attend his wedding which is dated next month.

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Recently Rafael Nadal came up with a comment about the Swiss legend after

He won the US Open title as He admitted that Federer motivated him alot.

also Rafael Nadal sent emotional condolence to Karim Alami

“I think he keeps playing because he likes doing it. Then the competition motivates you and looking at his career,”

“He is the best ever and he would like to end up holding most Majors. In the end, time will tell. ” Rafa said