Rafael Nadal reveals He should play on Center court

Rafael Nadal reveals He should play on the Center court over Barty in the Q-Finals.

The 4th round and the Q-Finals always make troubles for Wimbledon organisers

as many top players play in the same day and They have to sacrifice a seeded

player to play on the court 1. Rafael Nadal played on the center court while Barty

was competing on the court 1, although her seeding but She was sent there.

in the Q-Finals there are big chances that Nadal will play on the court N 1,

because He’s playing in the same day as Djokovic and Federer, and perhaps

the same time as Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic,

Rafael Nadal commented about this issue saying We can’t predict in which court am playing

“But can we predict the future or not? I am the world No 2 and I won 18 Grand Slams.”

Rafa refused to go deep in the debate of court issue, but He mentioned He’s a little bit more

than Ashleigh Barty even She’s the top player in the world but doesn’t mean to prefer her.

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Rafael Nadal reveals He should play on Center court during his Q-Finals match with Sam Querry

“You are putting Ashleigh Barty in front of me. For me, both decisions are good.

“I’m a little bit more than Ashleigh Barty, even if Ashleigh Barty is the first player in the world.”

“At the end of the day, they [Wimbledon] have to make a decision about who plays on the center court,” Rafa added

It’s clear that the court issue making a debate between the top players.

But it’s officially Rafael Nadal will face Sam Querry tomorrow on the court N 1 after Bautista Agut match