Rafael Nadal might play a battle with WTA player

Rafael Nadal might play a battle of sexes against the WTA Player Naomi

In Tennis, there are many matches, We find single matches, double matches, and mixed double.

and then there is the battle of the sexes match, it did not happen a lot

but there some countable matches between ATP and WTA players.

TMZ Sports asked Rafa Nadal about the possibility to play a battle match with Naomi

and He replied with ‘why not’, in a sign means this can happen soon or later.

Rafael Nadal might play a battle with WTA player Embed from Getty Images

Here are some matches of the Battle of sexes, in 1985 when Jean King defeated Riggs in 3 sets with 6-3 6-2 6-4.

this match got a record of getting more than 90 million views from around the world.

and also in 1992 when Jimmy Connors defeated Navratilova with 7-5 6-2, and some people called it as a battle of egos

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for the latest match happened was in 2013 between Djokovic and Li Na in Beijing.

Moreover, Rafael Nadal can put his name in this great list if He plays Naomi.