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Rafael Nadal: Kyrgios is a tough opponent

Rafael Nadal: Kyrgios is a tough opponent
Rafael Nadal: Kyrgios is a tough opponent
despite all the troubles happened, Rafael Nadal reveals Kyrgios is a tough opponent.

After all the comment shared between the two players and the troubles they had

before, during and the after the match, Rafael Nadal admitted Kyrgios is a tough opponent.

After the match, Nick said He meant to hit Nadal on the chest on a volleyball.

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It seems like that Rafael Nadal doesn’t want more troubles with the Australian

and want to close the subject of comments game with him as He refused to answer

him about hitting him with the ball and said only He was afraid if the ball went to the crowd.

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Later in the press conference Rafael Nadal admitted He was aware of the match

and what He should do and What should avoid, and the important is that He won it.

Rafael Nadal: Kyrgios is a tough opponent, I have been aware of everything,”

“I was just next to him but I do not want to comment on this.

“Right now it is an important victory for me. It is amazing how good he is able to play.

And what happened assure that Nadal wants to focus on his Tennis and not Kyrgios issue

as He praised him for competing well in their 2nd round match, and He could

be one of the top guys on the Tour and one of the grand Slam winners.

“Potentially he is a Grand Slam winner and one of the best. When he wants to compete well

“he is one of the toughest opponents you can face. Normally against me and the top guys”

he wants to try hard. When he is doing that way he is very tough.” Rafa added.

Rafa will face Jo-wilfried Tsonga this afternoon at the center court at 02:30 pm GMT.

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