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Rafael Nadal “I’m going to play when I feel ready “

Sometimes injury can stop players from doing big things and achieve high records than they have,

in Tennis We can take Rafael Naal as an example He had so many injuries in his full body.

that forced him to not play in many events and We see the last time was skipping Brisbane.

for that Rafael Nadal talked about that in a press conference and explained many things

“Because if it’s like 2018, I am not a tennis player anymore,”

“I’m going to play when I feel ready to play, and I’m going to play the things

that makes me happy to play. I have plenty of years on the Tour,”

“But at the same time I always think that, on the other hand, I enjoy a lot

of fantastic moments in my career. So it will be not fair if I only talk about the injuries,

no, because I had the chance to create a lot of opportunities to enjoy, a lot of opportunities

to play in front of the best crowds of the world and to achieve much more than what I have dreamed.”

“I never went slow. The thing is I always tried my best. All the thing that

I don’t want to do is suffer more than what I did [during 2018]—that’s mentally kills you, you know. “

Rafael Nadal added :

“You can’t go every day on court and practice with too much problems,

no, because then this is difficult to keep doing this.

“I really believe that I have keep having tennis to play in my career,

and I really feel that my body is not going worse every year “

“Since a couple of years ago, it’s not my goal. My goal is just be happy

doing what I am doing and be competitive all the weeks that I am playing,

Rafael Nadal is one of the biggest players and We hope to see him safe

and playing his best, see more competition between the big players.

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