Paul Annacone gives verdict about Roger Federer’s comeback

Roger Federer’s former coach Paul Annacone talked about his comeback after the surgery.

Paul Annaconce was the coach of Roger Federer for about 4 seasons [summer of 2010,2011,2012,2013].

They had a good partnership as they won a title in Grand Slam and reached the finals of Roland Garros 2011,

also, they won ATP Finals twice in 2010, 2011…

Roger Federer suffered from the injury in the Australian Open against Sandgren and lost in the S-Finals.

and will be absent for about 3 months until the grass season, to miss Five tournaments including the French Open.

Paul Annacone gives verdict about Roger Federer’s comeback Embed from Getty Images

The Former coach praised Roger Federer about being strong and healthy in the last few years,

for that, Paul Annacone gives verdict about Roger Federer’s comeback in the summer of 2020.

“The big challenge in my experience is the older you get, the harder it is to come back from anything,”

“These all-time greats are aberrations, not the rule, so you risk your peril to predict what’s going to happen.”

“When I started with him in the summer of 2010, people were wondering when he was going to retire.”

“I can promise you he is a very thoughtful decision-maker. He approaches everything from the macro perspective”

” what gives him the best chance to do well and stay healthy for a longer period. We take for granted the way he plays that he’s generally pretty healthy,”

“but he plays through a lot. Roger just got to the semi-final of the Australian Open by the skin of his teeth basically,”

“and those are the moments all those greats live for.I’m not quite ready to write him off; if you look at his grass-court record and how unique his game is for grass,”

” I don’t see any reason he can’t still win Wimbledon.” Paul Annacone told the NYT

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