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Novak Djokovic criticized Miami’s court

Novak Djokovic criticized Miami's court
Written by Tennis Shot

Novak Djokovic told the umpire that He’s not going to play in his match against Delbonis

The Serbian won his match against Federico Delbonis in 3 Sets with 7 5 / 4 6 / 6 1

but Novak was not happy with Miami this year as He criticized the lights of the court as He had a conversation with the umpire

Umpire: ” As soon as you told me I called it.”

Novak : “Why wasn’t it switched on before.”

Umpire: “It wasn’t my decision but I called it.”

Novak: “Ok so what is it going to be?”

Umpire: “It is just the time now to switch it on.”

Novak: “It is not switching on. I am not going to play in this dark.”

The 15 Grand Slam winner doesn’t seem to be happy with the change of Miami park

“It is too dark down there now, I am not sure it is a solvable problem as this tournament moves forward.

“From early in the day this court is in shade and it has the feel of an indoor tournament which is unfortunate.

“I am surprised they didn’t have the lights on a bit earlier to be honest. It has not got considerably darker to be fair.”

Novak will face Bautista Agut in the next round of the tournamnt

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