Kevin Anderson “I am happy with the way I am playing”

Written by Tennis Shot

Kevin Anderson had a very good season last year as He reached The final

of Wimbledon with epic battle matches.

The 2 Grand Slam finalist Kevin Anderson started his season in Pune and now

Kevin Anderson in the S-finals of tournament, The south african is happy with what

He’s showing on the court and hopes for better results.

“Firstly, I am happy with the way I played today. I thought I did a really good job creating opportunities

and taking them, so definitely I felt good out there.”

“I am happy with the way I am playing and I have to come out and focus on what I do best and if I do that,”

‘I am going to give myself the best chance of getting through”

“Their dominance has been unmatched. If they had not been around, there would have been more Grand Slam winners,

but at the same time tennis would not have been the same sport that it is today. It has been a great experience to be able with these guys”,

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