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Roger Federer: Nadal makes no difference for me.

Roger Federer: Nadal makes no difference for me
Roger Federer: Nadal makes no difference for me
Roger Federer reveals Nadal makes no difference for him if He’s in his draw in Wimbledon

The 20 Grand Slam winner took the 2nd Seed in Wimbledon while Rafa dropped back to the 3rd.

Roger Federer is on the great mood ahead of Wimbledon with the victory in Halle

for the 10th time in his career with straight sets against David Goffin.

Wimbledon will start next week and it does not follow the ATP Rankings like other

slams, it has a unique system including the result in the grass for the last 12 months.

even Federer is actually the World Number 3 He’ll be N 2 taking Nadal to 3rd seed

that means Federer will be in the 2nd Half of the draw and not in Djokovic’s path

read Officially: Roger Federer is seeded N 2 in Wimbledon

on the other side, Federer might face Nadal or Kevin Anderson in his Semi-finals road.

Roger Federer after Halle title, He was asked about the ranking in the press conference

change in Wimbledon and taking Nadal’s ranking in the tournament, then He replied

It doesn’t make any difference if his great rival is on his road to the title or not

“It might make no difference if Rafa is in my section (laughs),”

“I guess you could say I avoid Novak in the semis. But at the end of the day that is so far away.”

“What it helps me [to do] is plan earlier. That’s it.”

Otherwise, Federer will be looking for the title number 9th in Wimbledon and The 21st in Grand Slam.

The draw of Wimbledon will take place on June 28, Friday and the tournament

starts on July 1, Monday. with Wimbledon traditions The winner of last year’s event

starts the first match on the center court meaning Djokovic will play Monday and Federer on Tuesday.

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