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Andy Murray is 100% and has no pain anymore

Andy Murray is 100% and has no pain anymore

After the loss in AusOpen Andy decided that it could be his last tournament but it was not the end

for that Andy Murray made another surgery for his hip for a hope to have better results

in order to come back to Tennis courts healthy and continue playing,

” I want to continue playing, I said that in AusOpen. The issue is I don’t know whether it is possible, ” Murray said

The Former World Number 1 is happy with the results of the operation He had few weeks ago

as He mentioned there is no pain in his hip anymore,

“I am a lot happier than I was certainly two months before the operation. I have no pain in my hip any more.”

” I was in pain for a long time. The rehab is slow and it’s been going pretty well and I just need

to wait and see how things progress. If it’s possible, I would certainly love to compete again.” Murray said to reporters

It’s always good to see Andy on the Tour as his name can never be forgetten by the way

He printed it through all the previous years He’ll be one of the big 4 as always


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