Will Roger Federer forget this loss? Roger answered

Roger Federer lost a dramatic match, many players could be broken for long about such loss
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The Swiss man has lost many tough matches in his career, and this one could

be one of the hardest matches for him, playing about 5 hours losing 2 Match points,

fighting at the age of 37 years old and almost 38, many Federer fans got heartbroken

by this loss, The effect Roger Federer has on his fans is something unbelievable,

there are fans who cried after the match, some chose to leave social media…etc

but the questions is Will Roger Federer forget this loss? and Roger answered

Will Roger Federer forget this loss? Roger answered

The Answer came from Roger Federer at the press conference and watch it

here Watch: Roger Federer impressive Press Conference

The Reporter asked Federer how will you forget this loss after the fight you showed.

Therefore, Roger Federer answered with a different way for this important question

He smiled first and mentioned that He has a strong mentality and could go through

this situation many times before and it’s not a big problem for him,

“yes, I went many times with this situation and fortunately I have a strong mindset”

“I can’t say it’s easy but it takes some time to forget it and I’ll try to forget ASAP”

Will Roger Federer forget this loss? Roger answered Embed from Getty Images

Although Federer admitted He has a strong mindset but It’ll not be that easy to forget

this kind of matches, but with the time the effect will be on Federer whether He forgot or not.

After all, The Swiss man will take a break for summer, and will come back to play Cincinnati before the US Open.