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This is what Toni Nadal said about Rafa’s retirement

This is what Toni Nadal said about Rafa's retirement
This is what Toni Nadal said about Rafa's retirement

Toni Nadal the former coach of Rafa who spent a long time coaching him knows when Rafa will retire

in interview with El Pais Toni Nadal talked about Rafa’s relationship with coach as He see it

going well and there is respect between them which is needed in the relationship of player and coach

and an expectation from Toni of how much Rafa will keep playing as He thinks about 2 or 3 years

“I see it going well, The most important thing is that they appreciate and respect each other,

something very necessary. And Rafael wants to continue playing, despite his physical problems.

“That is what will continue to be decisive. Until when, who knows. Maybe two or three more years.” Toni said

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The Former coach of Rafa named him as an injured person instead of a Tennis player

which is true, Rafa Nadal suffered from too many injured in different places in his body

“What I’m saying is that Rafael is not a tennis player, he’s an injured person who plays tennis, and that’s very difficult.”

Rafael Nadal currently is preparing for the clay season where He made most of his records

He’ll be starting with Monte Carlo which will take place on 14 to 21 April

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