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This is what Roger Federer said about the loss

This is what Roger Federer said about the loss
This is what Roger Federer said about the loss

Roger Federer loses his sem-final match but another challenge on the way which is the grass season

The Wind was disturbing the match and players did not play their best but that

did not stop Nadal with his experience on Clay to win the match in 3 sets

Roger Federer went later to the press conference where He mentioned many

things about his match with Rafa, the conditions of weather besides how

well Rafa played against him, and how much it was nice playing French Open

“It was just crazy, the thing, There I’ll have to clear my eyes to see what I’m eating tonight

“You get to the point where you’re just happy to make shots. It’s that bad.

“You just don’t want to look ridiculous. It was tough for women to be

scheduled on an outer court at 11 in the morning, Maybe things have to start faster in Slams.”

“Definitely the biggest regret is to get broken at 2-love with the wind in my back,”

“If I can avoid that one, maybe the second set turns out to be different. But I

think holding serve against the wind with Rafa’s quality on the return is

just really hard. He barely misses any.” Federer said

“And then when he’s in the rally, he plays with great spin on the forehand,

great sort of control on the backhand side. So it’s just really hard to find

holes, especially in the wind, if you’re trying to hit through the ball.”

“He makes you feel uncomfortable the way he defends the court and plays

on clay. There is nobody who even plays remotely close to him.”

“I don’t even know who I need to go search for to go practice with somebody who plays like him.”

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal
© Corinne Dubreuil / FFT

From the other side Roger Federer’s coach Severin Luthi told the Swiss

media that It might be the last Time Federer played in Roland Garros

“You can tell that people think, maybe Roger is playing here for the last time,”

“But the enthusiasm is big everywhere anyway. Sometimes the fans are

indecent and do not feel anymore, because they see nothing more than

Roger – that would annoy me, because I would be less tolerant than Roger.”

Roger Federer will take a break until Halle which starts on 17 June and Federer is participating there.

A Video showing the love of crowd to Roger Federer simply emotional.