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Sjeng Schalken “Roger Federer can win Wimbledon again”

Sjeng Schalken "Roger Federer can win Wimbledon"

The Grand Slam titles are a number who every player wants to achieve to get more as now Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic the highest career wins in history

Sjeng Schalken is a former professional tennis player from the Netherlands, He was

the world number 11 in April 2003, and has 9th career Titles, and his best performance in Grand Slam

was The S-Finals in the US Open and the Q-Finals in Wimbledon and retired in March 2007,

Recently He made a comment to vbetnews Talking about Roger Federer record

and Rafael Nadal winning new grand slam titles.

“This record is still so far away… You have to win so many matches, so many tournaments.

Federer and Nadal are not out. I do not deny that Federer wins Wimbledon again. Then the 21st

comes. And I see Nadal winning this year’s Roland Garros again. These records are challenges for these men” Sjeng Schalken Said

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