Roger Federer stuns the world with a shirtless picture

Roger Federer stuns the world with a shirtless picture during his practice in Wimbledon

Federer played his first practice in Wimbledon making his preparation for the tournament

seeking for the title number 9th and the 21st in his career in Grand Slam,

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The 8th times champion practiced in a sunny day about 24° C in London

which is considered a hot day for the cloudy city.

as results of this, Roger Federer was changing his shirt time to time and He was captured

with the picture mentioned, it was normal picture but not for Federer Fans.

many Roger fans interacted with the picture where Roger’s muscles were shown,

some of them said “Lucky Mirka, yes Quite lucky indeed”

” Omg he is so beautiful!!! “

“Our Old man got the best Tennis body in the tour”

” Wow just wow! “

“WOW!! Yes, indeed lucky Mirka!! Good thing that Roger is a faithful husband and father as well as a handsome tennis player.

These comments could show only the love of the people to Roger Federer

Roger Federer is not a player who likes to show off his body He just like to react on the court

besides that, He has one of the most strongest arms on the tour, the forehand,

the backhand, and the serve all of these shots need strong arms and muscles

for that why Roger Federer is working hard on his body ad that’s a reason why He’s still playing

The most loved Tennis player is really loved by All, that’s it Roger Federer stuns the world with the shirtless picture.