Roger Federer “I’ve heard this s**t too often now”

Roger Federer "I've heard this s**t too often now"
Roger Federer "I've heard this s**t too often now"
Roger Federer responds to the allegation about Schedule choice to favourize him

Some times top-ranked players get favored in many cases such as playing

on the center court and to choose the first day when to play and the time to make the press conference.

this is normal things happening in every sport, but the lower-ranked players don’t like it,

for that, some people said that Roger Federer influenced in his win against Evans

by choosing the scheduled time to play early in the day where the sun was hot.

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Evans said that He felt tired and couldn’t perform well because of the hot conditions.

Also, He said that the US Open favored Federer by giving him the chance to choose when to play.

Responding to this, Federer got angry with these comments and said It’s nice to be out of the sun,

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“Not really. I don’t remember that I asked for something. Yeah, yeah.

“I don’t even know if the team asked for a day. I know there were questions to have a preference.

“But that doesn’t mean like, what I ask for I get it, Just remember that, because I have heard this s*** too often now.

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“I’m sick and tired of it, that apparently I call the shots. The tournament and the TV stations do.

In the end, Federer closed this subject and said He will play next matches in any time,

even it’s the 4:00 in the morning and would never open this subject again.

“We can give our opinion. That’s what we do. But I’m still going to walk out even if they schedule me at 4:00 in the morning.”