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Roger Federer Press Conference After Krajinovic Match

Roger Federer Press Conference After Krajinovic Match

After playing a good match yesterday Roger Federer went ahead to the Press Conference after the match

Roger Federer talked about the Next-Gen and their future in Tennis and How ATP are dealing with it

Roger Federer: “To be able to be better than, you know, a similar age guy. When you come on the big tour, all of a

sudden you are trying to compare yourself to World N 1, which seems like such a mountain to climb,”

“So it’s maybe better to have it done in the way like what the ATP did with 1st become the best

Next Generation guy. I think for that reason, I think it’s worked very well.”

“You know, it reminds me very much of the campaign I was part of when I was growing up,”

Roger also mentioned the older players in the old Generation which could be called the gold Gen

“There we had some older guys — I mean, older, it was Guga and Kiefer and Tommy and guys that were actually a few years older.

“So they mixed it a little bit more. It was just not the generation, I guess, of Agassi and Sampras.

“I thought that was nice to sort of tie us young guys together. It’s not the young against the old,

but it maybe feels a little bit like that for the young guys that they look towards one another to be

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the best of that group. And then naturally, if you’re the best of that group or top three, you can

then also become the best of the next group, which is the main group.” Roger added

more order of play for today is full

The Swiss man will face Medvedev Today not before 9:00 pm GMT for a place in the Q-Finals


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