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Roger Federer Press Conference after Gasquet Match

Roger Federer defeats Gasquet in straight sets with 6-2 6-3 to advance to 3rd Round

in his come back to the clay season after 3 years, and in his first match in Madrid

He’s having a good start against Richad where He played some awesome points

Roger admitted that He’s happy to back on clay and Madrid as well.

“I’m very happy to be back on clay. Super happy to be back here in Madrid. The crowds and the ovation

I got before and after the game was great. It really makes you feel like that was the right choice to come

to Madrid, so that felt good, The first game went well. I didn’t think Richard was at his best, far off.

But from my side, it was a good match.” Federer said

with every point He played crowd was supporting unbelievably and looked very happy

with the comeback of the great man Roger Federer.

with Roger Talking about Richard He mentioned it was nice to play with him after

He cameback from his injury .

“It was nice seeing [Gasquet] back after so many months being away from the Tour with the injury.

I think for both of us it was a special match being back here in Madrid,”

“[Crowd was] great. It’s been wonderful. I think, always in Spain, I’ve been well-received over the last decade

or so just because of my rivalry with Rafa and all the other Spanish players, like Ferrer and so forth. So the people

really know me. They followed my matches closely for so many years. They heard me speak, and they feel like

they kind of know me. So then when I come to their markets, I think they appreciate it, and so do I.

Full house, special atmosphere, so I appreciate it.” Roger added

It was very clear that Roger is aware of the spanish crowds and how they support him

during his rivaly with Their player Rafa Nadal through all the past years.