Roger Federer “it was tough for me”

Roger Federer "it was tough for me"
Roger Federer lost in a shock to Rublev in the 3rd round in straight sets with 3-6 / 4-6.

The Russian played a very big match against the world number 3 and did not

give him any chance to attack him, which was a wise plan from him to win the match.

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After that, Roger Federer praised Andrey for playing a great match against him with this style,

The 38 years old mentioned that The Russian was 100% in defense, offense, serving, and movements.

“He was great in defense, offense, serves, He Didn’t give me anything. He was everywhere,”

talking about Federer and his game He seemed to be offline the whole match

Roger Federer ” it was tough for me, but excellent match by him. I was impressed.”

“I’m happy I came here. I had good practice sessions and two matches here,”

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Therefore, Wimbledon final effects can be considered as a reason for this loss,

Roger mentioned that when this kind of results happens He doesn’t know what to do,

He just walks away and says what’s the plan.

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The Swiss will play on the US Open after 11 days from now, and He said

that He’ll talk to his team and take some days to rest his mind and body

and He’ll not add extra practices because He mentioned He already practiced well

for Cincinnati and worked very hard so He’ll benefit from it.

“I’m going to train on exactly what I need to do for the US Open and that’s it. It’s very simple. Keep it simple but work hard.”