The proof why Roger Federer is still the GOAT (despite broken records)

Roger Federer is still the GOAT
Roger Federer is still the GOAT

is Roger Federer still the GOAT despite losing records?

Roger Federer has done for Tennis what no male or female has done before, He attracted millions of fans, raised the Watch time and views for media and so more. That’s enough reason why Roger Federer is still the GOAT.

The debate of the Tennis GOAT has raised many years ago, especially after Roger Federer’s greatest record of Grand Slam had been broken by Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

for that, We will see the proof of why the Swiss Roger Federer is still the GOAT.

Let’s dive in!

The proof why Roger Federer is still the GOAT

We collected Tennis fans’ opinion if Roger Federer is still the GOAT, and here are what We could came up with, regarding what they say.

Roger Federer as a person

Many tennis fans consider Roger Federer as the GOAT just because of his personality, the way He plays Tennis, his manners, his respect for rivals, and the way He reacts in different moments.

The playing style of Roger Federer is no doubt the reason which attracted a very large number of Tennis fans, as He makes Tennis look so easy, more fun on the court, and majestic. as people call him the artist and Roger Federer nickname is The Swiss Maestro.

Roger Federer Records

Many Tennis fans see the count of Grand Slams only, but Roger Federer has some Unbroken records and some hidden records that are mind-blowing. let’s see:

we always count how many GS wins, but why not how many finals, how many SF.

  • Federer has the most wins over top-10 ranked players in the Open Era and is the first player ever to reach 200 top-10 wins
  • Roger Federer’s never retired mid-match (in over 1300 matches over a 19-year career)
  • Roger Federer’s 2006 season has the Most tournaments won in a season: 12 Titles ( He stands alone)
  • Roger Federer’s overall win-loss record for the 2006 season was 92–5. (stands alone)
  • Roger Federer 237 consecutive weeks as world number 1 (stands alone)

These were some unique records of Roger Federer where He stands alone and would be so much hard for any player to achieve even Novak Djokovic in 2015 or Rafael Nadal in 2013.

Those were only some of the big records that show Roger Federer is still the GOAT, and his place will never be touched.

What do Tennis players say about Roger Federer?

Roger Federer is still the GOAT | What do Tennis players say about Roger Federer?
Roger Federer is still the GOAT

Let’s see what some Tennis legends say about Roger Federer and his career.

What did Rafael Nadal say about Roger Federer?

This is what Rafael Nadal says about Roger Federer:

“if somebody says I’m better than Roger Federer, I think this person doesn’t know anything about Tennis”

“If Roger Federer is playing with good confidence, He’s 100% He will be playing in another league, it’s impossible to stop him”

What did Novak Djokovic say about Roger Federer?

This is what Novak Djokovic says about Roger Federer:

I have the most admiration for him and everything he’s doing on the court. What he has achieved over the years and what he’s still showing on the court is phenomenal. I mean, he’s a role model even for me that I’m one of his rivals and, you know, [he is] one of the toughest opponents I had in my career. You know, looking at his career and what he still is doing, it just inspires you.”

What did Rod Laver say about Roger Federer?

This is what Rod Laver says about Roger Federer:

For me, I think Roger Federer is the champion of his era, I think he’s certainly, you know, you look at his record and there’s a lot to say he’s the best of all time.

“I’ve always said if you’re the best in your era, that’s as good as you really can do. Look at Federer, with what he’s accomplished, against the competition that he’s had – I’d have to say I would think that Roger is the greatest player, just because of his record, the consistency over so many years.”

What did Pete Sampras say about Roger Federer?

This is what Pete Sampras says about Roger Federer:

“He’s done everything in the game,” he said. “He could walk away tomorrow feeling great about it. I don’t know how he maintains the level. As long as he’s healthy and enjoying it, I can see Roger playing for another two, three, four more years.”

“I think you’re still going to see the same guys dominating the game: Novak, Rafa [Nadal], and Roger. It seems like Roger’s playing better”

What did John McEnroe say about Roger Federer?

and Here is what John McEnroe says about Roger Federer:

” It goes without saying that anytime we are at an event where Roger is not playing we miss him,”

“He is the classiest player and the most beautiful player I have seen on a court. As a fan, I would love to see Roger around.”


That was all about the subject of “Roger Federer is still the GOAT ” hope you enjoyed it.