Roger Federer gives an update about his leg injury

Roger Federer reveals how tough his injury is, after the win over Sandgren.

The Swiss player made a great come-back and won his match against the America Sandgren in five sets.

during the thirst set, Roger Federer took a medical timeout when He received some treatments.

the pain was clear on Roger Federer’s performance as He was not able to run for the balls,

The service speed dropped to 160 Km/h and made many errors.

For that, Roger Federer told the media that it’s not an injury but it’s only a pain He faced.

“I don’t know if you can call it an injury, It’s just pain and problems. I need to figure it out now.”

“But as it’s not like in 18 hours, like you got a third-round to play, semi-finals,”

“you have an extra day, adrenaline, there’s a lot of things. Two good nights of sleep, doctors, physios.

Roger Federer gives an update about his leg injury Embed from Getty Images

“Hopefully we’ll find out that it’s actually nothing bad, that it was just the groin”

“that went really tight from playing a lot, who knows what, from nerves. I don’t know.”

“I’m hopeful. We’ll find out tonight, tomorrow. The next day we’ll see how it goes.”

Moreover, Roger Federer expressed that the pain came in the second set and He struggled a bit.

“I felt like it came midway through the second set maybe after I lost my serve. I started to feel like my defense wasn’t really there.

“That’s also when I got the warning finally because I was upset about the pain I was feeling.

“I had been playing with that problem for a while there. But I still felt like he was playing great.

“He had the offense, he had the defense. He had the service that I was expecting him to bring.”

“In the beginning, I thought he was a little bit on and off with his serve. That allowed me to get in the lead. Then things obviously changed.

“Also went from day to the shade. Maybe that allowed me to get back into it. I started to feel it about midway through the second set,” Roger said.

Roger Federer gives an update about his leg injury Embed from Getty Images

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Also, Roger Federer did not practice today as He chose to get rest and recover as most as possible.

The match will start after 20 hours from now and if everything goes well the world will expect a big battle between the two great champions.

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