Roger Federer edges past Pouille to reach 4R of Wimbledon

Roger Federer edges past Pouille to reach 4R of Wimbledon in sets with 7-5 / 6-2 / 7-6
Set 1

There was no eye to blink in the first set both players played their best tennis

with strong hits from both parts. Pouille pushed Federer to show what He hides

and they extended the set with every player saving his service game untill the 12th

game where Federer showed his experience in big games and could take the killing break to end the set with 7-5

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Set 2

Federer took the lead with 2 early breaks and went straight to take the set while

The French man was thinking about how He lost the first set with the way He played.

Federer lost his serve at the score of 4-1 to give back a break for his opponent.

After that, Pouille won his service game to send the message to Federer that He’s still in the match

in the 7th game, Roger struggled in his service game and hardly could win the game,

The Swiss did not give up on the set and took the killing break again to finish the set with 6-2

Set 3

The Swiss man started the serve in the 3rd set and with amazing hold of serve

He took a quick game to put the stress on the French man in his first serve of the set.

it was like the first set scenario each player holding his serve, and Roger was playing

with a great strategie to reduce Pouille dangerous shots but changing the shots hits.

The French was always trying to get break points but Federer in someway He could survive,

The set extended to the tiebreak where heart attacks play the job, and Federer took

an early mini-break which motivated him for better results in the mini games,

and Federer took the lead in the tiebreak with 7-4

And Finally, Roger Federer edges past Pouille to reach 4R of Wimbledon in a very good test against the french Lucas.

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