“Roger Federer can maneuver it everywhere,” says Albot

"Roger Federer can maneuver it everywhere," says Albot
"Roger Federer can maneuver it everywhere," says Albot
Radu Albot reveals that Roger Federer can maneuver the ball everywhere on the court

During the match of Roger Federer and Radu Albot, Federer played a stunning point,

Therefore the fans started cheering for him for playing that backhand passing shot.

Besides that, Albot mentioned that Federer can play any shot He wants, and it’s difficult to play against him.

“Federer can maneuver it like everywhere and create angles, create height, create sidespin”

“And It was different, playing against a superstar, and It’s different to play and to feel that everybody is cheering for him [Roger].”

“Roger Federer can maneuver it everywhere,” says Albot

From the other side, Roger Federer expressed how happy he is to win against Albot.

because He struggled against him in Miami and got Federer’s attention.

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“So it was important for me to show my reaction from that match, get out there and have a proper game plan and I think I learned a lot in that match.

“I respect Radu a lot, he tries everything to win, in an absolute fair, great and tough way.

“That’s why I’m very happy with the way I played today. I always had an answer for everything he threw at me and that was great.” Federer said.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer is through to the quarter-finals in Basel (Image: EPA)

Moreover, Stan Wawrinka will play against Tiafoe today, and the winner will face Roger Federer,

and the 38 years old is excited and looks forward to facing Stan in the Q-Finals.

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“I think the fans would love it here in Basel, I think Stan has struggled quite a bit here at this tournament for some reason.

“But it is great to see him back here healthy. However, it’s great to see him playing, ” Roger Federer added

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