Roger Federer answers if He can win the French Open

Roger Federer answers if He can win the French Open
Roger Federer answers if He can win the French Open
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Roger Federer reveals his doubts on winning a second title in the french open

The 20 Grand Slam winner won his first title in Roland Garros in 2009 against Robin Soderling

to collect all the four slams to make his own record.

besides the good results He had in Roland Garros He did not play it since 2015 and skipped it 3 years

but this year He’s finally playing it, but Federer doesn’t know if He’s able to increase

his chances for great results or if He has the weapons to fight in the tournament

“I don’t know. It’s a bit of a question mark for me,” he said.

“In some ways I feel similar to maybe the Australian Open in ’17. A bit of the unknown.

“I feel like I’m playing good tennis, but is it enough? Or is it enough against the absolute top guys when it really

comes to the crunch? I’m not sure if it’s in my racket.”

“But I hope I can get myself in that position deep down in the tournament against the top guys.”

“But first I need to get there and I know that’s a challenge in itself,” he added.

“It’s definitely going to be an exciting tournament mentally to go through.”

“I think I have been able to train hard enough and also got the necessary tough matches in Madrid and Rome,”

more than I would have liked to, but I guess we like saving match points or trying to lose with match points.”

Although What He said, Roger Federer is happy to play under pressure and is ready for the tournament

“But I really feel like playing under the pressure and playing with the nerves was important for me so I feel totally ready,” Roger added