Roger Federer: All should respect Wimbledon system

Roger Federer: All should respect Wimbledon system
Roger Federer: All should respect Wimbledon system
Roger Federer reveals that all players should respect the Wimbledon system including ups and downs

Recently, an issue showed up from Rafael Nadal and feels like Wimbledon disrespected

him by taking him to the 3rd seed, while Federer jumped to the 2nd seed before him.

Yesterday, in the pre-tournament press conference Roger Federer had changed

the question of seeding problems, The reporter asked him what made Nadal upset

with the ranking system and make such comments, and critized Wimbledon ranking.

Roger Federer had a view of what Nadal said, and had just to say the Wimbledon

the system was in place for long not just today, meaning there is nothing to talk about

Roger Federer revealed that all should respect Wimbledon system, and it’s their rules.

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you. The system is the way it is. It used to be different,”

“I don’t know, I guess it was different also before that. There’s not much we the players

can add to the story, other than we just deal with it.” Federer said

Federer wise words were going ahead to Rafa as He mentioned

” if you want to win the tournament you got to go through all the players are in your road

to the title, the draw already on and We can only move on and that’s it “ Roger added

“But we knew that the system was in place. I guess the system rewards you for playing

a lot on the grass, well on the grass. I guess I benefited from that. That was not part of my plan

the last few years. Just happens that this year I bumped up. Kevin Anderson bumped up,” Federer added.

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As a result, Roger Federer mentioned how tough it is, for some players to be ranked

then find themselves unseeded at Wimbledon, that’s a stiry deserves a storyline than this one.

Federer closed Nadal’s issue with deep words saying it was social media effect and Rafa loved it.

“Just happens that Rafa obviously went down, so I think that makes the news. With social media nowadays, they love it (smiling).”

Roger Federer will start his mission for chasing the title number 21st in Grand Slam and the 9th in Wimbledon.