Rafael Nadal finally responds to Djokovic’s Tour pandemic

The Spaniard Rafa Nadal expressed his opinion about Novak Djokovic’s event.

The Adria Tour event had a pandemic as more than 6 players tested positive for Covid-19,

Including Novak Djokovic and his wife, Grigor Dimitrov, Troicki and his pregnant wife, and more people…

for that, Rafael Nadal finally responded to what happened in the Adria Tour.

“Of course there was a mistake in the tour organized in Serbia and Croatia but mistakes are normal when you face a situation you haven’t faced before,”

“The players need to make decisions but I am not saying mine is the right one.”

“Every decision can be right or wrong. We are facing unpredictable situations.

“I really hope people learn from the Adria Tour and we continue in the best way possible.”

MORE Rafael Nadal express why He chose not to play the US Open 2020

Rafael Nadal finally responds to Djokovic’s Tour pandemic Embed from Getty Images

Rafa Nadal joins Nick Kyrgios and withdraws from the US Open.

Due to Coronavirus The US Open 2020 will start on 31 August, but Rafael Nadal decided not to play it.

The Spaniard expressed about his point of view for not playing the New York event,

“After many thoughts I have decided not to play this year’s US Open,”

“The situation is very complicated worldwide, the COVID-19 cases are increasing,”
“it looks like we still don’t have control of it.”

“We know that the reduced tennis calendar is barbaric this year after four months stopped with no play,”

“I understand and thank for the efforts they are putting in to make it happen.

“We have just seen the announcement of Madrid not being played this year.

“All my respects to the USTA, the US Open organizers, and the ATP for trying to put the event together
for the players and the fans around the world through TV.

“This is a decision I never wanted to take but I have decided to follow my heart this time and for the time being I rather not travel.”

Rafael Nadal finally responds to Djokovic’s Tour pandemic Embed from Getty Images

Rafael Nadal has become the latest player to pull out of the US Open just weeks
before the ATP Tour season starts again.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to professional sports all over the globe altering their calendar for 2020.