Rafael Nadal criticizes Davis Cup 2019 Changes

Rafael Nadal reveals unhappiness with the Davis Cup Changes Rafael Nadal Davis cup 2019

Davis Cup has been turned to the ending-season tournament including 18 teams in the round-robin match,

then all winners meet in the 2nd round after the knockout phase, [Champions league methode]

All of Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray have embraced this change,

but things never go as it’s planned, the attendances have been underwhelming so far.

Rafael Nadal criticizes Davis Cup 2019 Changes Embed from Getty Images

The Spain meeting with Russia did not start until 6 pm, and Rafa Nadal match was rescheduled to the night session.

During his first appearance, Rafael Nadal mentioned He is not happy with the playing time,

“The worst thing is that a match can start at this time, bad for players and for people who have to work tomorrow.”

“There is no more time, Maybe it would be better if they get up early in the morning and the afternoon starts at 5 pm.

“Playing the following day, with the adrenaline that you finish the game, recovery, press, go to the hotel … It is practically impossible to go to bed before 4:00.” Rafa said.

Rafael Nadal criticizes Davis Cup 2019 Changes Embed from Getty Images

Moreover, Rafael Nadal knows how tough is that for all players with the match, press, and recovery.

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“I already predicted it when I came and saw the format because the matches are very tight and this could happen.

“For the players it is complicated, but for others, it is a workday and routine.”

“The only advantage we have of playing in these conditions and on this surface we lose them if people leave the track and don’t put pressure.”