Novak Djokovic warns Federer facing Wawrinka

Roger Federer will face Stan Wawrinka after 2h from now, and Djokovic warn Federer ahead of the match

Although Roger Federer take a big lead over Wawrinka with 22-3 win/lose but all 3 matches

Stan won were on Clay, which gives him the confident to make it 4 times.

Novak Djokovic knows very well what Stan can do they played many big matches

especially the Australian Open 2014, and Roland Garros 2015 final which was unbelievable from the Swiss

“Stan is a big-match player. He’s one of these players that throughout his career has just managed to find

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their best game the nit was most needed. He is mentally very strong and I’m not surprised that

he’s back at his best. I’ve seen some parts of yesterday’s match especially the end and both of them

were winners. Both of these guys produced some amazing tennis in a phenomenal atmosphere

and fighting spirit and respect to each other, which is great to see, how they embraced each other

in the end at the net which was beautiful. Stan is showing why he’s ‘The Man’. He’s a three-time Grand Slam winner,

we cannot forget that.” Novak said

also Novak Djokovic “If only I wasn’t in the same era as Federer and Nadal”

“He’s a top, top guy and he loves to play big matches. It’s great to see him back.” Novak added

It’s battle for revenge of Roger Federer for 2015 loss and a chance for Stan to keep winning on Clay.